Banh tet – How to make pretty small banana Banh tet in Tet holiday!

Bánh Tét – Traditional Vietnamese Tét Sticky Rice Cakes for the Lunar New Year. The Lunar New Year is coming up on 16 Feb 2018 and this year is the year of the dog. The Lunar New Year is determined by the lunar calendar from the cycles of the moon.

How to make Banh Tet for TET Holiday.


– Glutinous rice 600gr
– 50g shelled green peas
– 20gr red bean
– 50g of bacon
– 2 banana porcelain
– Spices, onions.


– Sticky rice, green beans, red pour boiling water soak washed 2 hours.
– In the meantime we prepare workers, banana leaf, leash and mold making.
– Bellies washed, cut to approximately 2x7cm piece, marinated meat with seasoning seeds, fish sauce, seasoning and retired stamping.
– Peeled banana with 1 tablespoon sugar mummy.
– Banana leaves on fire for moving the forceps through a bright blue, the leaves will have the toughness, the package is not torn.
– Pour the sticky rice, green bean, red bean the basket, for a red bean and less grain and poultry seasoning to the basket of sticky rice soaked.


1. Banh Tet bananas

– Spread 2 layers of banana leaves, pour rice (red bean mix) into rectangles, put bananas in the middle, add 1/4 glutinous rice poured on top and roll it up, fold 2 first, and then roll for a tie pie are round.

2. Banh Tet fat meat

– Spread 2 layers of banana leaves, glutinous rice poured into rectangular, next to fat meat, green beans and remaining portion of sticky rice and bread package.

– Finish sewing your cakes and offline.


– Put the cake into the pressure cooker, using chopsticks inserted in the cake does not float on water.
– Boil 2 hours is cooked.
– Get the cake, banh tet rolling round and firm.

When the cakes cool before cutting it pretty fine slices will rive.

Banh tet finished products, plastics, fragrant.


Good luck!

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