5 most common scams to avoid in Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh city is one of the most popular destinations of many tourists for beautiful architecture, interesting culture, exotic street foods and being good stop for trips to other destinations in South Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh is the biggest city in Vietnam, its streets are always crowded, life is always busy during day and night. Most of people immigrate from different regions of the country to study at universities and work at factories and offices. Life is difficult so that some of them make money from scams which are not danger but a nuisance. Do not let these scams ruin your amazing trip to the city.

1. Taxi scam

Taxi scam is everywhere around the world. Not only local people but tourists can encounter this scam. You can enter a taxi without taximeter or a broken taximeter and the driver tell you a wrong price at the end of your journey. You can also pay more for unnecessary detours with good taximeter. Tips to avoid:

  • Vinasun taxi is a good choice;
  • Use your phone to book a ride with Uber or Grab which provide good car and motorbike transport service.

2. Motorbike taxi

In Saigon where there is a huge network of main roads and narrow alleyways, motorbike taxi is cheaper, faster and more convenient to go through back alleyways and small streets. Driver can deal a price with you before the ride and you agreed. However, at the end of the trip, he ask for more than that they told you. The reason is that you heard wrong. Tips to avoid:

  • Uber and Grab provide motorbike taxi transport services which help you to book safe ride with fixed price.

3. Cyclo scam

Enjoying cyclo ride in Ho Chi Minh city is worth a try. Tourists just sit on cyclo, sightsee and totally relax. There are lots of cyclos on Saigon streets and you could be offered a ride around the city for reasonable price. The drivers drive you to corners without address and ask for an amount of money. If you don’t pay, they will not take you back. Some drivers get money themselves from your pocket.

  • Book a cyclo ride/rental/tour with a travel company.



Snatch theft

Shopping scam

Tour scam

Ticket scam

Money scam

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5 most common scams to avoid in Ho Chi Minh city
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