A trip to Nha Trang & Da Lat

Because of the good study result, last summer my parents offered me a Nha Trang – Dalat sightseeing. On the eve of the trip, I could not sleep because of being going to visit the places I had used to dream.

We started in Ben Tre at five o’clock in the morning and arrived in Nha Trang at three o’clock in the afternoon. Coming here, we chose a hotel at the center of the city.

After one hour for relaxing, we went to the beach. This season was summer but the climate here was very cool. We had occasion to soak the body in pure blue seawater. The wave here was not big. It did not make me fearful as the wave in Vung Tau. After swimming satisfactorily, we lied stretched out on the soft sand. I felt comfortable like lying on the mattress. The night was coming. The rays of the sun shone the sky above the western horizon. I saw a ship passing the sea surface just on the horizon. It was not until it had not a person left, we left the beach.

In the evening, we went for a walk around the hotel and enjoyed some seafood. We ate bun cha ca (grilled fish noodle soup) nem (pork wrapped in banana leaf), banh xeo muc (Vietnamese cuttlefish pancake). The food here was very delicious but cheap. Eating,  drinking satisfactorily, we came back to the hotel to refresh.

The next day we visited Tri Nguyen Aquarium. We saw sharks, dolphins and turtles. We saw many different types of fish. I thought the colorful little fish were the most beautiful.

There was a souvenir shop near the exit of the aquarium. My parents bought me a cap. It had a picture of dolphin on it. After that, we visited the fishing village and the pagoda nearby. Finally, we came back to the hotel.

The following morning, we left Nha Trang for Da Lat. After five hours, we arrived in Da Lat. Hear, we felt cool as being in the air-conditioned room. The first day, we visited Da Lat Flower Garden. It is 2km from the Da Lat City.

Just getting off the car, I was extremely surprised to see the hoop gate made from thousands of vases of colorful flowers.

Passing the gate, I saw a very impressive faucet system.

Looking around, everywhere was completely flowers. There were hundreds of beautiful flowers such as daisy, rose, tulip, sunflower, carnation, mimosa.

 Next, I saw large dragon-bone tree garden. My father said the dragon bone trees here were from remote Africa.

Then, I watched the orchid garden. The orchids here had a lot of styles and colors, which attracted me a lot. My mother chose a pot. We were instructed the way to look after warmly by the seller.

 We had to stop for relaxing because the garden was very large. My mother said the area of it was 7,000 m and it was the largest flower garden in Viet Nam.

Leaving Flower Garden, we visited Than Tho Lake and Two-Tom Pine Hill. We stopped at Two-tomb Pine Hill rather long.

Two-tomb Pine Hill was beside Than Tho Lake. It was a flat hill with green pine trees. Nothing was as interesting as hearing the wind flowing, the pines rang. Especially we saw two tombs were on a vacant land. On the tombs, there were many flowers. My father said those were tombs of two people loving each other. The girl was named Thao and the boy was named Tam. Before 1954, two people fell in love, but their families did not allow them to go to marriage. Because of being sad, the boy went into the army. People rumored that he was dead in battle. Hearing that, the girl was extremely painful and came to Than Tho lake to kill herself. Arriving from battle, the boy heard she had been dead, he killed himself, too. The story made mom and me shed tears.

That night, we visited Da Lat market. The air at night was rather cold, which made me have an impression as being the winter. My parent bought me some very nice sweaters.

The final day, we went to Bao Dai Palace, Xuan Huomg Lake, Camly waterfall and Love Valley. I was impressed of Camly Waterfall and Love Vallage.

Cam Ly waterfall is on Cam Le stream. It is about 2km from the center of Da Lat to the west. It is about 30m hight. The great waterfall surrounded by green pine forist makes tourists hardly forget when they arrive in Da Lat. This season was rainy season. The water from the head water flowing back made white dew covering all the area. My father said the name Cam Ly came from K’Ho ethnic minority‘s language. The word “Cam Ly” was simplely pronounced from the word “K’Mly”. That was the name of a chieftain of a village having the stream flowing through.

Leaving Cam Ly waterfall, we came to Love Valley. Love Valley is 5km from Da Lat City. It is a large park. Around it was Da Thien Lake and the green pine forest.

It had many flowers and statues, especially Mr Adam and Mrs Eva.  Going for a walk as well as listening to birds singing, wind blowing we thought we was in a fairy world. My father said in the 1930s, here was named Vallée d’Amour. Then king Bao Dai changed it into Peace Valley. In 1953, writer Nguyen Vi suggested calling it as the name called today. Once, pairs of lovers used to come here for sightseeing, especially King Bao Dai, the French full authority of Indochina.

Leaving Love valley, we came Lam Intitute Zen. It is about 5km from the center of Da Lat City. It is located on Phoenix Mountain above Tuyen Lam Lake.

Firstly, we went for a walk around the lake. The lake had clear blue water. After that, we walked up a slope with 140 rock steps. Passing three three-arched-entrances gates, we went into the main temple.

The main temple has the area of about 200m2.  At the back of the room, at the center is Shakyamuni Buddha statue with the height of about 2m, the right hand holding a lotus. To the right of the Budda statue is Boddhisattva of Universal Knowledge statue sitting on the six-elephant-ivory. To the left of one is Manjusri Bodhisattva statue sitting on the lion. Looking at the calm face of the Buddha, tourists easily forgot every sadness in their lives. We incensed the Buddhas then went out.

Outside the main temple, there are a drum floor and a bell floor. Inside the bell floor, there is a big bell with prayer sentences having deep meaning.

Leaving the bell floor, we walked to the flower garden area. There were many kinds of pretty flowers were grown here, such as marigold, gladiolus, lily, pansy. We stopped, took some photos for the souvenir.

Leaving the flower garden, we went down Heart Calm Lake. The surround of the lake had many stone benches and rudimentary cottages. We sat, taking a rest. The lake water was clear  blue. We saw many styles of pleasure fish and pleasure tortoises swimming freely in the lake.

Leaving the lake, we got on the car, riding straight home. It was not until late in the evening we arrived home.

The trip left me many deep impressions. I want to go there someday.

Written by Minh Thien & Thanh Nu from Ben Tre

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