Ben Tre coconut candy sweet

Previously, coconut candy viewed as gifts to relatives or friends during these special days and holidays, after the sweetness of sound, bold and greasy smell that 1999 Mo Cay candies Official branded “Ben Tre coconut candy” and exported to many countries around the world.

Alcoholic coconut candy on Phoenix Alcoholic coconut candy on Phoenix
Now, international visitors Vietnam delicacies known not only by the steaming bowls, the Imperial court cuisine sophisticated, luxurious and beautifully … but remember the coconut candy rustic, rustic but sweet Sweet.

Inputs to seemed quite simple, just white coconut rice and barley, but in fact, to make the delicious candy requires experience, as these are two essential ingredients of candy decisions entire product palatability characteristics.

In Ben Tre coconut is planted with many different types: coconut pineapple, coconut strawberry, coconut wax, coconut fire … but to be kind copra delicious, thick, they must speak to the same green coconut, coconut dry right, avoid over Minor, because only with thick coconut rice, plastic, pure white can squeeze the juice out of high quality, comparable degrees moderate, slightly in, not milky, met for the process mixing the malt for the beautiful colors, eye-catching.

The sweet coconut candy The sweet coconut candy
Malt is made from the fermentation of glutinous rice germ. Sticky particles to, well, not termites, are irrigated with rain water clean, newly germinated seeds brought processed into malt. To sweet malt, plastics, and natural golden brown.

Coconut candy was launched after cross stitch mix coconut milk and malt together, cook the mixture with water vapor transmission technology strategy

From the core components are coconut and rice, bamboo dock people also add new colors to the candies in the flavor characteristics of their native specialties such as durian, peanut, pineapple leaf … Each flavor own characteristics, while ensuring basic coconut flavor, help more abundant products, improve quality

Ben Tre coconut candy Ben Tre coconut candy
Raw coconut candy, first and indispensable as the coconut. However, to create the right flavor characteristic of Ben Tre coconut candy, they must rely on the unique techniques of the profession. That is how to choose materials and has its own recipes. And the processing is in the eye of Ben Tre coconut candy locals seem to be an art. The first is to be very delicate in the choice of materials. Cook glutinous sticky barley crop is spring, germination large, ripe. Glutinous rice fields have been selected taking no use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Glutinous grain to germinate clean rain water and then cooked malt.

Malt cooking stage is also an art requires malt cooks must be patient, meticulous and skilled swordsmanship. The coconut to make candies also selected very carefully. It is the dried coconut start to have the most characteristic flavors of coconut, fresh juice bar and create your very own fat coconut candy. Raw sugar for processing sugar candy is also good, new, bright yellow color like technology, have certain viscosity … All combined with skilled, experienced and skillful technical reviews candy to create fragrant fresh candy tasty, consistently to satisfy even the most discerning diners.

Cooking Stage malt Cooking Stage malt
Today, people in Ben Tre has created many coconut candies with different flavors khau captivates tourists everywhere. Which is coconut candy cacao, coconut candy durian, coconut candy peanuts workers … Each type has its own unique flavor, while ensuring basic coconut flavor. Many candy coconut processing establishments with familiar brands such as Dragon, Ngoc Huong brought coconut candy to the provinces in the country and exported to foreign countries. We can say coconut candy was sticking with cultural journey, cuisine and tourism of Vietnam country.

Nothing great in the sweet-scented coconut candy Jiang wake sipped hot tea. Ben Tre coconut candy -The intersection of modernity and tradition makes the vitality of a traditional flavor.

“Ben Tre long river of fresh water

Market Place candy Mo Cay has a reputation

Mo Cay has just candy aromatic fatty

Mo Cay smart girl just has good … “

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