Moon Lady and Moon Boy Tale


Every year, on August 15 of the lunar calendar, East Asia’s countries happen the Mid-Autumn Festival jubilantly. In Vietnam, the children are especially noted on this occasion. They are extremely excited to join the lantern parade, eating mooncakes. Especially, they are attracted to the folktale of Moon Lady and Moon Boy that their grandparents or parents tell.

Moon Lady tale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Hang Nga whose personality was very gentle. She was the wife of the hero in the world named Hau Nghe, a marksman, who had shot nine suns to save everyone from dying because of hotness. Therefore, He had become very famous. Soon he had a lot of disciples to go to his house for studying. Until one day, while going to Con Lon Island to meet his friends, he met Vuong Mau Nuong Nuong (Holy Mother) and was given a kind of elixir, if he had drunk it, he would have flown straight to the Heaven.

Receiving a precious gift, Hau Nghe was extremely happy. However, he did not want to leave his wife. He brought the pill home and gave it to his wife to store in a sealed jar. Bong Mong, one of Hau Nghe’s disciples knew this thing. He had an evil mind, once, when Hau Nghe left home to hunt, Bong Mong pretended to be ill to stay home to steal the treasure. Hau Nghe was very honest without a doubt.

As soon as Hau Nghe had just left, Bong Mong immediately brought a sword to threaten Hang Nga to force her to give him the elixir. Hang Nga was unable to give the medicine to a wicked man, immediately she took the medicine. And miraculously, her body became light, no gravity, so she slowly followed the wind to the sky. Because her love for Hau Nghe was so deep, Thanh Mau Nuong Nuong let her stop at the moon, the closest to the world of humans so that she could see her homeland.

when returning home, Hau Nghe did not see his wife at home, rushed into the room to find the pill and did not see it, he realized that Hang Nga had been taken to the sky, he was deeply sorry. Since then, every night he looked up at the high sky to find the wife but was hopeless. On the night of August 15, when the moon was bright and beautiful, he looked up to the sky, calling his wife’s name, he suddenly saw her on the moon. Immediately he set up an incense table to pray Hang Nga. Seeing Hau Nghe do that, people in the region also do after him because they loved Moon Lady very much. That ceremony was handed down until today.

Moon Boy Tale

In a village, there was a boy named Cuoi, who was extremely intelligent and kind. He was an orphan, doing woodcutting. One day, in the forest, he discovered a big banyan being able to cure many diseases. He brought it home and grew beside the house. Every day he brought the leaves going to cure for the patients in the village.

Soon, Cuoi got married. Every day he still went to help the patients in the village. Before leaving home, he did not forget to tell his wife to care of the banyan tree carefully, not to water dirty water on the tree or the tree would disappear. Cuoi’s wife was a poor memory woman, not remembering what her husband had said. One day, she went to the banyan tree root and had a pee down there. Immediately, the earth and the sky shook. At that time, Cuoi returned to the yard, he saw the banyan slowly pulled its roots out of the ground. Being available the ax with him, Cuoi cut into the banyan tree root to keep it. But helpless. The wind kept taking Cuoi and the tree flying straight up to the high moon.

Since then, on the ground, looking up at the moon, especially in the bright moon days, we have seen the image of the Moon Boy (cuoi) sitting beside the banyan root. And also since then, Moon Palace has become the only residence of the Moon Lady and the Moon Boy. Thanking to Moon Lady and Moon Boy tale, the moon has become more mysterious and attractive.





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