Saigon Street Food

Saigon Street Food helps you learn more about local life, cuisine and culture. It’s also a way to enjoy your trip and relax yourself after a long day visiting many places. Foreigners usually choose restaurants to enjoy their meals for safety and comfort. Not many tourists know much about street food which plays an important part in Saigon. Street food stalls are everywhere on the street and most of locals eat on the street. For example, the best Saigon Noodle Soup in isn’t cooked by the cook at the best restaurant in the city. You can go by a street food shop and see a line of people waiting to buy a portion of Stuffed Pancake. Sometimes a long-standing food stall which serve Chitterling Gruel is full of dinners for its tradition taste and secret receipt. Street foods are enormous on Saigon streets and in alleyways.Ho Chi Minh city Food Tour

Saigon is a non-sleeping city and locals usually gather on the street to eat, drink and chat. At night, Saigon roads are full of motorbikes and cars, people sitting on pavements and smell of street foods. It’s better to go around the city when the sun has gone down to immerse yourself into the life, see how they eat and eat like them.

I’d like to recommend you Top 10 Saigon street foods: Bun Bo Hue – Hue noodle soup, Bun Rieu Cua – Crab Noodle Soup, Com Tam – Broken Rice, Banh Mi – Vietnamese Sandwich, Banh Canh Cua – Crab Soup Cake, Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Pan Cake, Banh Cuon – Stuffed Pancake, Che – Vietnamese Sweet Soup, Rau Cau Dua – Young Coconut Jelly, Xoi – Sticky Rice.

Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Pancake

It’s safe to eat Saigon street food in if you know where to go. If you don’t have a local friend, just book a Walking Saigon Street Food Tour or Saigon Street Food Tour by Motorbike with a reasonable price. You can also go to Ben Thanh market at night and taste many delicious Vietnamese traditional foods at food stalls there. You can see most of dinners at Ben Thanh market are foreign tourists. Snacks such as Mixed Pancake, Grilled Rice Paper, Quail Egg Cake, Stir-fried Corn, Grilled Bread with Salt and Chili are sold at many street food shoulder poles around Turtle Lake. Teenagers have fallen in love with these snacks so that young people are crowded there every night. Just buy 1 dollar of snack and 1 dollar of drink, you can enjoy them, breathe fresh air and see how they relax after school hour. Do not miss backpacker area where you can see no one sleep, all drink, eat, play, dance, walk, shop until midnight. If you have chance to go far out of the center, you can see many people eat snail and drink beer around plastic table on pavements. You can also see many many thing more which only you can find out.

Saigon Food Tour

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