The Tet Flower Market in Vietnam


The Lunar New Year (or Vietnamese New Year or Tet Holiday or Tet) officially takes place on 3 days: the first, the second and the third of January of the lunar calendar. However, before and after Tet, there are also meaningful and interesting activities. one of them is the activity of the flower market.


Since the 23rd, gardeners gather flowers and ornamental plants at flower markets in the centers of cities and provinces. From the 27th to the 30th, the markets are crowded with strollers and buyers. The strollers go to the market to watch sight, to feel the spring is coming, to take photos as souvenirs. The buyers themselves choose the most beautiful flower or ornamental plant pots for indoor decoration on the Tet Holiday.

The markets usually have many kinds of flowers. The flowers that symbolize spring are peach blossoms (in the North) and apricot (in the South). The flowers and trees that symbolize good wishes for the new year are marigold flowers and kumquat trees. Marigolds symbolize the wish getting to longevity (Vietnamese, marigold is called vạn thọ. Vạn Thọ means longevity). Kumquat trees symbolize the wish getting to prosperity (Because kumquat trees have so many fruits).

Famous markets

Ho Chi Minh City has 5 famous flower markets: Hồ Thị Kỷ, Đầm Sen, Hậu Giang, Bến Bình Đông, 23/9 Park.

Hanoi City has 6 famous flower markets: Hàng Lược, Quảng Bá, Lạc Long Quân Street, Tây Tựu, Mê Linh.





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