The Personality of the people in the Mekong River Delta

The historical and environmental condition

Vietnam has 3 regions: South, Central and North. The Southern is divided into the Southeast and the Southwest (The Mekong River Delta or the West). Due to the history of formation and the environment, each region has different characteristics. More than 3 centuries ago, generally, the Southern was still fallow.  In the rivers and forests, and every year floods coming down from the upstream of the Mekong River. This place has many rivers and canals, so the soil is very fertile and has many fish shrimps. In General, once upon a time, living conditions in the Mekong River Delta, there were many advantages, but also not less difficulty.

The Personality of the Western people

Living with love

As mentioned above, once upon a time, the Mekong River Delta was the wilderness; In the forest, in the river, there were many dangerous animals, toxic insects. Every year, floodwaters poured down from the upstream of Mekong Delta. When many people from Central Vietnam and a few from Northern Vietnam went into Southwestern Vietnam, they had to face those difficulties. They were afraid and realized that under such natural conditions if they were not united, they would die, so they depend on each other to live. This thing leads to a deep affection between people. They are willing to help each other when having sickness, difficulty.


As mentioned above, the west has many canals and fertile soil; finding food is very easy. This creates a generous character of the Western people; in dealing with people they don’t just think for themselves. When guests come to the house, if they stay for a short time, the hosts serve tea, for a long time, the hosts serve rice and wine. During the war, in areas where there were many bombs, people had to evacuate to other peaceful areas. They are warmly helped by the people here for months.


Because, long ago they were far from their homeland, their original background; they did not have many relatives. Therefore, they needed someone to share their joys and sorrows in life. Whenever there was a guest coming to the house, they also welcomed happily and regaled kindly. In the Vietnamese folklore, there is a proverb sentence, “a Visitor comes home, not having tea, also having alcohol.” (Vietnamese: “Khách đến nhà, không trà thì rượu”) or,

“Catch a snakehead fish to grill by fire,

Make a white alcohol tray to treat a friend coming from far.”


“Bắt con cá lóc nướng trui,

Làm mâm rượu trắng đãi người bạn xa”)


Western people are very easygoing. In customs and rituals (Weddings, death anniversary …), they carry out very simply, not too many details. When someone makes a mistake with them, they easily forgive. In daily communication, they are very approachable. About words, they are very direct; they think anything, saying that thing, not crooking or ulterior.


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