The unique coffee shops in Saigon

1. Three Brush town

If you are a fan of the wizarding world in Harry Potter, you will not be able to ignore this cafe. Not only sipping drinks and watching each whimsical decor, you can become residents of the country to participate in arts activities such creative baking, planting or sewing cloth dolls .

2. Toilet Kingdom

Seats, decorations, cup of water in Toilet Kingdom is made the shape of gadget in the toilet. Bring ideas unique designation, the shop has attracted the attention of many young people. Food and drinks are also quite diverse, bringing more interesting choice for diners.

3. Kujuz Café – self-service space

From afar, the cafe has a very prominent Kujuz with translucent glass walls designed with colorful impression. With the desire to create a perfect space for relaxing stopover, it offers design prefer the tranquility and gentle. You can also make drinks for yourself. If struggling not know where to start, staff will help you.

4. Fish coffee

Not only enjoying coffee, but also massaged foot by tiny little fishes, it maybe make you surprise. If you want to experience how to enjoy this coffee, talk with staff to be taken to the aquarium area. Just left your feet into the tank, the fish will immediately rushed towards you, making the new people feeling tickling or tingling around the legs.

5. Coffee House

Amidst the bustling city of Saigon busiest school, people go to work, you could drop into the birdsong in the woods or playing in the sand when entering the Coffee House. With forest floor, sea floor and sat on the floor coffee, Coffee House attract a grand number of tourists to visit the shop. However, in the Sea floor only 12 seats, you must book in advance if you want to listen to the mellow waves and buried feet in sand.

6. Ba Bo Café

If you are familiar with the pet cafe with dogs, cats or hamsters, Babo Café – the world of reptiles will bring you completely new feeling. The snake was crawling between the beverage cup is not uncommon here. Also, you can easily see the turtles, lizards, frogs … everywhere. Sip a cup of roasted coffee beans and play with reptiles, you will have a fun afternoon.

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unique coffee shops

The unique coffee shops in Saigon

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