Top things to buy in Hue

Many tourists love to buy souvenirs to mark their trips to places they’ve been travelling or just bring home to gift family and friends. What are top things to buy in Hue – one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam? I’d like to share Top things to buy in Hue which are nice and worth to buy.

1. Bai Tho conical hat  (Non Bai Tho)

Top things to buy in HueConical hat is one of the most popular souvenirs around Vietnam and you can buy one in Saigon, Hanoi and other regions. Bai Tho conical hat in Hue isn’t a simple conical hat but there’s painted poem or sewed pictures about Hue inside the hat. The hat is made by talented Hue artists and the decorations can be seen against the light. Hue girls and ladies usually wear these hats to make them more beautiful and protect them from rain and sunlight. Bai Tho hats are popularly used to decorate houses and restaurants.

Where to buy Non Bai Tho?

  • Dong Ba market
  • Any souvenir shops in the city

2. Hue Ao Dai

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Ao Dai is the symbol of Vietnamese beauty and it’s been always in the list of souvenirs in Vietnam. Hue girls are well-known by gentle beauty in purple Ao Dai. There are many available Ao Dai for you at the market or you can buy the material yourself and order tailor-made Ao Dai if you have some days in the city.

Where to buy Hue Ao Dai?

  • Dong Ba market
  • Ao Dai shops on Pham Ngu Lao Street, Mai Luc Loan Street and Ben Nghe Street.

3. Bronze products

Great Bell at Thien Mu pagoda, Royal bronze urns and the gates in the citadel… are well-known souvenirs in Hue. You can visit the casting bronze village which is 2 km far from the city. Tourists can see by their eyes the traditional process of making bronze products and choose some nice souvenirs or cast the bronzes.

Where to buy bronze products in Hue?

  • Casting bronze village

4. Lotus seeds

There are enormous lakes and lagoons which are good conditions to grow lotus. In Hue, lotus seeds are used to cook royal sweet soup – Che Sen and many foods. These dishes are not only delicious but also healthy and beauty. Fresh and dried lotus seeds couldn’t be missed in the list of Top Souvenirs in Hue.

Where to buy lotus seeds in Hue?

  • Dong Ba market

5. Lotus fragrant tea

Lotus fragrant tea is considered as royal tea in Hue as well as Vietnam. It contains the graciousness and beliefs of Vietnamese people. This kind of tea is prepared with secret private process of selecting time to dry and keep in a jar for about 2 years with best lotus flowers.

Where to buy lotus seeds in Hue?

  • Dong Ba market

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