What to Do in Hue?

What to Do in Hue?

Hue city is one of the most-visited tourist cities in Vietnam with beautiful Perfume River and peaceful sights. It’s famous for the Hue citadel, tombs of the Emperors, Thien Mu pagoda, Dong Ba market and Thanh Toan Japanese bridge… Many tourists are planning their trip to this quiet city but are not sure about what to do in Hue. I’d like to share some attractions which are worth to visit. Do not miss the sights, soul and culture of this city!

1. Hue Citadel

The Hue Citadel is the most popular attractions in Hue and I couldn’t miss it in the list of What to Do in Hue. Built under the rule of Nguyen Dynasty rulers in Vietnam, the historic site Hue Citadel is similar to the Forbidden City in Beijing. Come there, you can enjoyed the architecture, lakes and flower gardens, stone bridges, islets and big old trees spread shade through years. The citadel has the mostly square surface which side is about 600 meters with 4-meter high and 1-meter thick fence. There are four gates used for going out or going in: the main gate (South gate) – Ngo Mon, East gate – Hien Nhon, West gate – Chuong Duc, North gate – Hoa Binh.  You can walk from your hotel to the Citadel or join a Hue city sightseeing tour including seeing the Citadel. It’s worth visiting the beautiful and peaceful Hue Citadel if you’re in Hue.

2. Thien Mu Pagoda

Built in 1601, Thien Mu pagoda is considered as the symbol of the Hue former imperial capital. The pagoda has been one of the most beautiful pagodas in the region. Thien Mu pagoda is located on Ha Khe hill on the North shore of Perfume River. The sight looks like a dragon which head is the hill and body is the river. This is one of the most-visited attractions in Hue city. Come there, you can see the Austin motor vehicle which drove the famous Thich Quang Duc monk to his self-immolation in Saigon in 1963.

The pagoda is about 5km far from center of Hue city. You can take a boat ride on Perfume River or drive a bike to get there. Just enjoy the fresh, calm and quiet air!

3. Tombs of the Emperors

7 tombs of the emperors in Hue are monuments to 9 of 13 the Nguyen Dynasty rulers. These tombs were designed and built when the emperors still lived. There you can enjoy the perfect mix of beautiful and unique architecture and nature. Because the tombs are located around the city so that you can take a tour visiting Tombs of the Emperors to see them.

4. Japanese Bridge

The most famous Japanese Bridge in Hue was built in 1776 by Ms. Tran Thi Dao who was said to be very kind woman. The bridge offers better transportation between to sides of the canal and is a good place for passengers to take a break. It’s a 16.85-meter-long and 4.63-meter-wide wood bridge with wood floor and tilling roof. Come to Thanh Toan village in Hue to see the dedicatedly carved bridge

5. Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market is the largest market in Central Vietnam. Similar to Ben Thanh market in Saigon, Dong Ba market is the soul of Hue city where you can see how locals sell and buy things. It’s a good place to come, take a snapshot and do many activities to immerse yourself into Hue daily life. It’s a big chance for you to buy souvenirs, bronze goods, conical poem hats… And you can also taste many delicious Hue foods and drinks.

Thanks for reading my post What to do in Hue and I hope it will help you so much to plan your trip to Hue city, Vietnam. I wish you enjoy the city!

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